Investment & Asset Management

A reputation for outstanding service and innovative solutions defines our asset management work for investor clients. We manage approximately 3 million sq ft of real estate with a capital value in excess of £400m for property companies, pension funds, institutional investors, high net worth individuals and other major investors.

As the investment market responds to the British banking crisis of 2008 and to the progressive unwinding of investment stock and capital debt, the financial malaise gets worse and there is great opportunity for new investment by those holding advantageous financial clout.



Loyds Nursing Homes, part of Arizim plc, the major Israeli plc, purchased a portfolio of 64 nursing homes. There were many issues to sort including the payment of rent, the calculation basis for rent reviews, compliance with tenant’s covenants etc. The issues: 1. Deal with the day to day issues in a manner which enhanced returns 2. Prepare and implement an asset management plan geared towards re-gearing of leases 3. Increase the security of the rental income flow


4. Renegotiate leases by removing turnover rent provisions and negotiating increased rents with fixed percentage and annual uplifts 5. Negotiating reversionary leases on fixed annual uplift terms 6. Improving the stability of the tenants and the security of the income. 7. Investing planning and other value enhancement aspects 8. Joint ventures with tenants to undertake improvements and extensions to various homes in the portfolio with a consequential increase in rental income 9. Financing tenants’ works to reconfigure the layouts of nursing homes to relate to a new occupier market


A considerable increase in rental values Increased lengths of rental income Increased security of income Made the nursing homes attractive to new consumer markets thereby increasing fee income and hence rental income security Increase in capital value


“ask-re proved to be a huge asset to us increasing our capital value for the portfolio”