When our clients ICAN needed a new lease, we were delighted to be entrusted with this mission to secure their main London premises up at Angel Islington, where they are neighbours of another of our charity clients, Dogs Trust. We had relocated ICAN from Dryer’s Buildings, Holborn nearly 10 years ago but their lease on the ‘new’ premises was soon to run out.

Having done a pretty good deal on the new rent and extended lease terms last year, just beating the recent market rise and getting a very handy chunk of rent-free for ICANs coffers, a major issue arose – could they put up a sign above the door please? Well, what with landlords and their management surveyors, planning officers and health and safety rules… can imagine the kerfuffle! But…”yes we can” is our attitude for clients!

This was to prove a very time-consuming exercise for us, which would have bust the client’s budget ( needing to pay fees, the sign making costs, men on a ladder, managing agent fees etc) so we decided to donate our time free of charge to ICAN as we wanted this important facility to happen for them and get it done despite all the objections.

Suffice it to say, this great little charity now has 3 signs up, to help visitors find it and of course to promote its existence, a small victory for a worthy organisation. Yes, we did run into rules on “how big?” as well as how they were to be fixed and where exactly (drawings, please!) but we did it!
Please visit the ICAN site to learn more about its work–you’ll be impressed. Maybe you could donate something toward those pesky planning fees which we couldn’t get donated?