Ask-re's mission is simply: to make money for clients; and/or to save money for clients; through the medium of our specialist real estate know-how and the wisdom and direction of consultancy, bespoking our service for each individual client.

About Us

Ask-Re exist for the purpose of feeding, educating and immunising children; everything we do is for this ultimate goal.

Through our work in property (real estate) services and business-to-business consulting, in which we operate as chartered surveyors ,property consultants and property advisors, we put our skills to work with the twin objectives of saving and making money for clients from re-negotiation and better management of their property liabilities and costs. In this, Ask-re are compensated solely by a share of the upside benefits our work delivers, each case on its own merits. We accept that contingency fees are a hard discipline but we accept the wishes of our clients, to pay only for what they get, when they get it. Our matrix of services gives an indication of the types of costs and benefits we put our skills into, in order to produce results for clients, and especially for tenants . We have a long track record of very creative, bespoke and outstanding successes.

We link this work and our share of the financial benefits to the agencies and charities most suited to achieving our purpose. By a combination of direct funding and provision of specialist services, Ask-re actively support a variety of bodies who directly feed, educate and immunise children. In the UK, where Ask-re is domiciled, we also directly employ young people who are in the care of some of our charity organisations, under our Churchill Apprentices scheme. This directly supports the young persons by bringing them into work experience and paid employment, usually for the first time, providing a first-step into self-sufficiency through an office workplace and whilst supporting them in formal education and starting a paid employment career.

The organisations with which we work most closely are listed here for information. We would invite any interested person to directly contact and contribute to those charities—just click on the image and go visit them!